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"Attending Sue's introductory workshop

on accessing your

Akashic Records is amazing,

she is a great channel

and guide...

ensuring that everyone

left feeling empowered and more conscious 

about their journey -

thank you so much!

..I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone.."

David P, Tamworth

November 2013


"..thank you for that amazing day, you won't believe the difference it's made. I have never had such a shift so quickly. Things that were really bothering me are

so much better."

Margaret C, Tamworth

November 2013


"Sharing time and space with Sue was truly Incredible. I let go of so much in such a short space and feel liberated, powerful and expansive. The workshop (Akashic Record Clearing) was full of love and joy, and we look forward to receiving Sue back at The Cottage Healing Centre for the next adventure. Thank You Sue! I can't stop smiling!"

Sue O, Tamworth UK

November 2013


"What a sincerely beautiful reading and healing session. Two weeks later

I am still feeling the effects permeating through my life."

E Kogan, Hawaii

February 2013


"Wow Sue, you are the real deal.. you are truly amazing!

This reading has blown me away!"

Deborah - UK

22 November 2012



"I received a wonderful reading and healing from

Sue Fraser today.

I felt the energy shift

even before I knew she'd done it. Sue looked at

my Akashic Records and worked with my Higher Self to reveal and release a big block I have been

struggling with in my life.

Thank you so much Sue.

Highly recommended!"

KH Edinburgh

March 2012




"Thank you very much

for an amazing workshop creating my

Soul Purpose Mandala.

Wow! Kara"

Plymouth, UK March 2012




"Wow, wow, wow!

Talk about expect the unexpected!!!

so much has been

revealed to me.

I have laughed, cried

and experienced so much love on so many levels.

The Angels and Masters

are always there and I

feel truly blessed

for this experience.

Thank you Sue,

can't wait for the

next one." Sue

Coventry, UK

May 2011




"Wow, where to start.... most beautiful to listen to...

This reading has given me

so much, more than

you can imagine."





"Thank you for the amazing experience/path, in which you lead us through.

It was very moving.


    Stella, Sofia, Bulgaria

April 2012




"For me it was a

magical moment,

a new wonderful life.

Thank you for the

amazing experience.

Now the colours can

speak to me for real,

I'm happy that I can

 hear them and listen

to them.!

Margi, Sofia, Bulgaria

April 2012




"...really can't thank you enough, and can not even convey into words

what your workshop has done for me...

also healed a past life

that was affecting me

so much since working with my mandala.

Looking forward

to doing more work with you later in the year.

Much love and gratitude. Kara"

Plymouth, UK

March 2012


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