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"Attending Sue's introductory workshop

on accessing your

Akashic Records is amazing,

she is a great channel

and guide...

ensuring that everyone

left feeling empowered and more conscious 

about their journey -

thank you so much!

..I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone.."

David P, Tamworth

November 2013


"..thank you for that amazing day, you won't believe the difference it's made. I have never had such a shift so quickly. Things that were really bothering me are

so much better."

Margaret C, Tamworth

November 2013


"Sharing time and space with Sue was truly Incredible. I let go of so much in such a short space and feel liberated, powerful and expansive. The workshop (Akashic Record Clearing) was full of love and joy, and we look forward to receiving Sue back at The Cottage Healing Centre for the next adventure. Thank You Sue! I can't stop smiling!"

Sue O, Tamworth UK

November 2013


"What a sincerely beautiful reading and healing session. Two weeks later

I am still feeling the effects permeating through my life."

E Kogan, Hawaii

February 2013


"Wow Sue, you are the real deal.. you are truly amazing!

This reading has blown me away!"

Deborah - UK

22 November 2012



"I received a wonderful reading and healing from

Sue Fraser today.

I felt the energy shift

even before I knew she'd done it. Sue looked at

my Akashic Records and worked with my Higher Self to reveal and release a big block I have been

struggling with in my life.

Thank you so much Sue.

Highly recommended!"

KH Edinburgh

March 2012




"Thank you very much

for an amazing workshop creating my

Soul Purpose Mandala.

Wow! Kara"

Plymouth, UK March 2012




"Wow, wow, wow!

Talk about expect the unexpected!!!

so much has been

revealed to me.

I have laughed, cried

and experienced so much love on so many levels.

The Angels and Masters

are always there and I

feel truly blessed

for this experience.

Thank you Sue,

can't wait for the

next one." Sue

Coventry, UK

May 2011




"Wow, where to start.... most beautiful to listen to...

This reading has given me

so much, more than

you can imagine."





"Thank you for the amazing experience/path, in which you lead us through.

It was very moving.


    Stella, Sofia, Bulgaria

April 2012




"For me it was a

magical moment,

a new wonderful life.

Thank you for the

amazing experience.

Now the colours can

speak to me for real,

I'm happy that I can

 hear them and listen

to them.!

Margi, Sofia, Bulgaria

April 2012




"...really can't thank you enough, and can not even convey into words

what your workshop has done for me...

also healed a past life

that was affecting me

so much since working with my mandala.

Looking forward

to doing more work with you later in the year.

Much love and gratitude. Kara"

Plymouth, UK

March 2012


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December 2013

Look out for upcoming Workshops in Bourgas, Bulgaria!

Please contact me for info on events in Bourgas


ACCESS BARS sessions available in Burgas

please contact me to arrange your appointment



October & November 2013


Akashic Record Readings/ Access BARS sessions

Plymouth, Devon, & Tamworth, Staffs; Burton;

St Neot's, Cambridgeshire, Penzance

Contact me to book an in person one to one consultation on a limited number of days throughout 

Plymouth : various dates from 20 October - 7 November 2013; 

Tamworth: Sunday 24th November 2013 

The Cottage Healing Centre, Lichfield Street, Tamworth 


Cheshunt: dates TBC



Akashic Record Clearing Intro Day

Plymouth, UK

One day adventure into the introduction of the latest techniques for clearing limiting beliefs via your Akashic Records.

Saturday 26 October 2013

10:00 am - 3:00 pm £35

venue to be confirmed.


Akashic Record Clearing Intro Day

Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

180 Lifford Lane, Kings Norton B30 3NU

Saturday 16 November 2013

10:00 am - 3:00 pm £35

click here to access event flyer



Akashic Record Clearing Intro Day

Tamworth, UK

One day adventure into the introduction of the latest techniques for clearing limiting beliefs via your Akashic Records

Saturday 23 November 2013

10:00 am - 3:00 pm £35

The Cottage Healing Centre, Lichfield St Tamworth

click here to access event flyer



The Divine Triangle & your Akashic Records

Cheshunt, Herts, UK

A 2 day adventure using your Numerology Blueprint to discover areas of resistance and challenging life phases, clearing these limiting beliefs and raising your vibration using the New Akashic Record Clearing techniques.

Saturday 30 November & Sunday 1 December 2013

Sat: 10:00am - 4:00pm. Sun: 10:30am - 4:30pm

please contact Andrea for venue directions or queries regarding reservations on 0044 (0) 7780708437

click here to access event flyer





Magenta Rose Reiki

2 Day Intensive Practitioner Level Course £75

Inc. pdf Manual download, Certificate & Audio downloads for healing exercises and meditations



Channeling Evening:

Merging in the Presence of Love

An evevning of channeling

with the Beings of Light who reside in the Presence of Love. Feel free to ask questions to help you move forward into your next level of Service Work post 2012!

Your contribution: £10



Colouring the Numbers of Your Soul

Your Soul's Purpose Mandala

Two day workshop: £75

This is a series of 6 workshops

  1. Your Soul's Purpose
  2. Your Mask
  3. Your Life Lessons
  4. Your Primary Challenge
  5. Your Destiny
  6. Combination Mandala of all of the above

£75 inc. both days, pdf Manual, Mandala Template, audio link of your reading to download and channeled meditation download link

10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm both days











March 2012


Two day Workhop:        

£75 inc. both days, Instruction Manual, Mandala Template,

audio link of your reading to download & channeled meditation

CD to accompany your Mandala.

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2012

10:00 am (Sat) 10:30 am (Sun) ~ 4:30 pm

 Venue: Plymouth, UK

'Colouring the Numbers of your Soul' Workshop

Creating your Soul Purpose Mandala



Wednesday 14th at 8pm

Blog Talk Radio ~ Free Mini Readings


Thursday 15th at 11:00 am

Law of Attraction Group nr Honiton, UK


Saturday 17th 10:00~4:30pm - £100

Magenta Rose Reiki Level 3 Training


Sunday 18th        12:30-3:30 pm - £5

Plymouth, UK

Magenta Rose Reiki Share

Please bring lunch to share

which will be followed by a Guided Meditation

& Reiki Share


Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th   -  £75

10:00 am (Sat) 10:30 am (Sun) ~ 4:30 pm 

'Introduction to Magenta Rose Alchemy'

Venue:  Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, UK

Please contact Andrea on 07780 708437

for queries regarding reservations

please bring packed lunch or food to share,

contact Andrea for suggestions



April 2012


Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria   -  £75

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th   10.00 am ~ 4.30 pm

Colouring the Numbers of Your Soul

2 Day Workshop

Please contact George Dinchev at SeminariBG


May 2012


Seminar with Alison Chester-Lambert

& Sue Fraser

to be held at a historical spiritual site in Bulgaria



September 2012


2 Day Course ~ £75

Magenta Rose Reiki Intensive

Levels 1 & 2 ~ Practitioner Level

Venue: Sredets, Bulgaria

limited spaces, please book early!



October 2012 



2 Day Workshop  27 & 28 October - £75

'Introduction to Magenta Rose Alchemy'

Playing with the Rays ~ 1-22 &

Channeling the Ray Guardians:

Ascended Masters, Archangels & Star Masters

limited spaces, please book early!

please contact Andrea on 07780708437 or 01992 419724 for enquiries


November 2012 


2 Day Workshop 3 & 4 November - £75

'Colouring the Numbers of Your Soul'

Step 1: Your Soul Purpose Mandala

Venue: The Cottage Healing Centre, Tamworth, UK


 December 2012-March 2013


I will be on the Big Island in Hawaii, please contact me for readings and enquiries regarding workshops and local events, stating your request in the subject line. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you, and making some amazing new contacts.






UK: Special Offer!


session £30

Plymouth, Tamworth, Burton, Cambridgeshire, Penzance or Cheshunt



Special Offer!

UK: in person Reading

Book Here £30

Plymouth, Tamworth or Cheshunt






Akashic Record Clearing 







Akashic Record Clearing







Akashic Record Clearing Workshop







Divine Triangle Workshop

 2 Days